Discreet and unlimited monitoring

Invisible, thanks to its double mirrored reflective housing, the TUB camera® can be integrated into any environment discreetly. In addition, the TUB camera® is never limited by the length.

100% coverage

The shuttle camera moves rapidly and precisely within a discreet tubular structure with excellent pan, tilt and zoom functions. Operating in automatic or manual mode, the TUB camera® offers high resolution image in real time. The TUB camera® will be your most effective partner to see everything that has to be seen.

A guaranteed return on investment

By reducing the number of cameras needed to monitor wide-open spaces, the TUB camera® optimizes operating costs. It guarantees a far faster Return On Investment (ROI) than any other standard solution on the market, especially to fight inventory shortage

With the TUB camera the operator is able to control the system more easily, anticipate events and follow all suspicious acts without information loss, increasing therefore efficiency. 100% certain during interventions to obtain immediate results !

  • More quality with a new High Definition model and ultra-sensitive camera
  • More reliability with a 10-year warranty
  • More security with its odometer, automatic emergency position system and self-diagnostic system
  • More precision with variable speeds and a guiding isostatic system
  • Faster to install with no cabling and no welding
  • More autonomy with automatic preset modes, alarms and patrols
  • More fluidity with TPM2 of multiplexing signals
  • More flexibility with IP versions and its compatibility with different protocols