AllGoVision Analytics

Prisma Bytes new venture is AllGoVision Video Analytics solution. AllGoVision Video Analytics is an enterprise grade advanced Video Analytics that seamlessly integrates with existing open platform surveillance systems to provide automatic real time alarms. With 30 plus basic and advanced video analytics features, AllGoVision is a comprehensive solution for all your video analytics needs. Our solution supports higher number of channels / server and can be applied in City Surveillance, Building Surveillance, Border Security, Traffic/Parking Management and Business Intelligence.

Server Analytics

Provides flexibility in installation. It can be installed either in the same machine as VMS or in a separate machine
Can take video feed directly either from camera or VMS
Can send alarms to VMS viewer (like smart client) applications
Can run as a windows service up to 100 channels per server
Supports FailoverSupports ONVIF to get video stream from camera and send video stream to VMS
Supports several leading VMS - Milestone, Genetec, Indigovision, Exacqvision and many more

Edge Analytics

Available on Axis camera
Can send alarms to VMS viewer (like Smart Client) application
Can run as a windows service up to 200 channels per server
Supports Intrusion Detection, Suspicious Incidences Detection and Counting Features simultaneously
Saves extra hardware cost